1. Definition of terms

1.1 Provider

The service provider is efotoshop.cz Bc. Pavel Žemlička with a business Chalets Zdar 18 Zdar, identification number 86,922,271th natural person registered in the Trade Register since July 3, 2008. Recording the Office: „Municipality Sand“

The provider is fully entitled to grant a licensee to its use as set out below and in the following specified range.

1.2 transferee

A natural or legal person who sent the order providers and provider which grants a license to use the photographs manner and to the extent specified in these terms and conditions.

1.3 Photo

Photos taken means a copy of a photographic technique in electronic form located on the website of the Provider.

1.4 Order

Order means the electronic order photographs placed on the website of the provider.

1.5 License

License means permission to take photographs manner and to the extent determined by these terms and conditions, which grants the Provider acquirer.

The license is effective at the moment the price of the photos on the account provider.

2. Subject of business conditions

These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of the licensor and at granting licenses to use the Provider Photos acquirer.

3. Other rights and obligations of the Licensee

1.3 Edit Photos

Photos can not be without the express consent of the Provider modified, processed or used acquirer in a way that could lead to impairment.

2.3 use photos

Photos contain only licensed for private use and their use – reproduction, distribution, rental, lending and issuance is not permitted without prior written consent of permitted.

Publication or use of pictures for commercial purposes is subject to each agreement between the licensor and the extension of the license for individually specified price.

3.3 Exceeding license and violation of the agreed way of use Photos

Should the Licensee the license agreement contained in Art. 3 of these Terms and Conditions, the Provider is obliged to pay a contractual fine of 10 000, – CZK for each such violation.

The payment of the contractual penalty does not affect the Provider's right to damages.

4. Order and delivery Photos

1.4 execution order

The order is executed on the Provider (www.efotoshop, cz).

In order to select the photos transferee, their size, quantity and possibly choose the method of delivery of the order.

2.4 payment orders

Payment is made by bank transfer to the bank account of the Provider.

3.4 delivery Photos

The order is processed only after the required payment to the bank account of the Provider.
The place of delivery (if printed photos) The transferee is the address specified in the order (unless stated otherwise in the note).

4.4 Delivery of data files

After payment is received Provider Acquirer sent an email with a unique link to download data files.

4.5 Another way of delivery and payment orders

Another way of delivery and payment of orders is possible after agreement with the Operator Licensee.

5. Pricing and Payment Terms

The price for the provision of Photography is determined individually as a price for each photo separately, depending on the size of the format in which the acquirer may be used.

Under provider awards are given for individual photos and their formats.

The prices are final, not subject to VAT provider.

In case the ordered Photos by mail order, the final price of postage increases in the amount specified in the Provider's price list.

6. Choice of Law

The legal relationship between the acquirer and the Provider shall be governed by Czech law.

7. Withdrawal from Contract

1.7 Transferee acknowledges that pursuant to § 1837 of the Civil Code, among other things, can not withdraw from the contract for the supply of goods that have been adjusted according to the wishes of the buyer or the person (typically printed photos).

2.7 Acquirer is aware that the printed work that buys, you can browse before you buy and think about the appropriateness of the purchase and renounces the possibility of withdrawing from the contract.

3.7 Given the subject of the sale of the Provider defines when printed photos right not to withdraw from the contract, even according to § 53 paragraph. 6 of the Act. no. 40/1964. (Civil Code. Code.), The right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods.

4.7 If the user wishes by statutory entitlement to withdraw from a contract concluded by means of distance communication in case of data files, may do so only until Send a link to download data files in accordance with Section 4.4., Up to 14 days from the payment order.

Goods Licensee is obliged to return complete, unused, undamaged and in the condition and value, they took the goods.

After sending a link to download data files Provider under section 4.4. You will use the license and this can not be considered unused.

8. Complaints

Most of the photos reportage character, so it is likely that there may appear photos that are optimally focused and color and lighting perfect.

If the photos are ordered, they shall be treated as if they were okay.
They will therefore be printed and shipped.

Complaints printed photos is only possible on the basis of visible printing errors such as scratches, streaks … and not because of the wrong color or light / dark printing.

9. Processing of personal data

1.9 Providing data – Provider Licensee is required in order to provide valid contact and billing information.

2.9 Use of personal data – Provider of data provided exclusively used for the purpose of billing and shipping orders.